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That's All Folks!

Tick. Tick. Tick.

Penelope Pigsty sits on a bench on the hill overlooking the Silver Lining watching the sun set for her last time. The animation is magnificent: burnt orange watercolors slowly blending to purple.

Just one minute left to Curtain Call.

Patsy Pigsty leans against her arm. Everything between them has been said, and after the bustle and noise of their life together Penelope appreciates the Writers' decision to make this last moment one of comfortable silence. Oh, and what a life: after season upon season of will-they-won't-they, the drama, the laughs, falling apart and falling together, this final season has given them the chance to finally be together. The happily-ever-after has been on an accelerated time scale, but in the end it was everything she could have hoped for and more.

Tick. Tick. Tick.

But good things… well, they do have a way of coming to an end, don't they? She stands up gently, turning to place a kiss on Patsy's forehead as she goes. She has thought for a long time about how she wanted her Curtain Call to look. Jumping into the pit of mud, to disappear forever? Something understated, such as simply stepping into her house and closing the door, never to open it again? Or peaceful, like retiring to bed at the end of the Scene, and turning out the light, never to appear in another Episode.

But no, it has to be a classic: a gag seconds before her scheduled exit from the show. At the edge of the cliff the carefully prepared banana skin lies in wait. A sign besides it, warning of the danger, has already been defaced as per her instructions. Now all that remains is the setup.

She clears her throat, ready for the performance of a lifetime: “My, what an a-peel-ing view, I ought to look clos-.”

She takes a step onto the banana skin and slips over the edge of the cliff.

It was a good life.

The camera doesn't follow her fall, but the slide whistle does, growing higher and quieter unti-

The setting of That's All Folks! is a cartoon that has entered its final season. While the show may be someone else's piece of media, and while the Writers may have preordained what is to come, it is these characters' reality…

And it is about to end.

Their final appearance this season will be their final appearance: their Curtain Call. While it is always sad when a good thing ends, this is a world that refuses to go out with a whimper. No, this last season is a labour of love; a celebration of the show and its characters. It is sad that the show is ending, but that does not change the fact that this world has been, is, and will to its final frame be a joyous one. So this final season is bittersweet: full of both laughter and tears.

Players are invited to explore what it means for their character to find an ending they can be content with. Perhaps what a character needs is to catch the pigeon, just once. Perhaps it is to accept that they never will take over the world, but to appreciate the joy they found in trying.

Perhaps all they want is to continue to be themselves right to the very end…

That's All Folks! is a text-based Discord roleplaying game about living life to its fullest and, when the end comes, going out with a bang. In the game, players will take the roles of cartoon characters, trying to find endings that honour and celebrate their lives before their Curtain Call comes.

That's All Folks! is a game of three parts:

  • Uptime: In which players will describe their character's actions in real time through Discord messages
  • Messages: Players will be able to use Discord threads on a specific channel to discuss the relationships between their characters, roleplay draft storyboards that didn't make it to production but nonetheless may influence how the Writers think about characters relationships, invent new backstory and plan their next Uptime together
  • Downtime: In which players submit descriptions of their characters' desired plans for the next session

As the game progresses, it will move from fast-paced, zany action to a slower, more reflective tone as characters receive their Curtain Calls and the number of players dwindles until finally none are left. Players will however still have an opportunity to participate in the game after their character has gone, joining the GMs as a member of Crew; able to watch the stories of the characters they left behind unfold or actively help guide them to satisfying conclusions by their choice of playing NPCs, adjudicating rules or contributing ideas to the GMs. Those who would prefer to be involved in That's All Folks! in a game-running capacity, but without the responsibilities of a GM; those who cannot attend regularly enough to develop a character to their satisfaction; or those who simply enjoy basking in the gratitude of overworked GMs. Doing so will allow them more time to develop the NPCs they play, as well as having more opportunities to direct the progression of the game if so desired.

If you want to get involved with That's All Folks!, either as a Player or Crew, you simply need to fill out the sign-up form below!

Barring truly unprecedented demand, we do not foresee being unable to allow everyone to be involved with That’s All Folks! in some way. However, because of competing demands for GM attention, we are only able to accept 30 people as Players, and hence will be balloting for these positions. Anyone else is of course welcome to be involved in the game as Crew, although in the extremely unlikely event that more than 50-60 people enter the ballot we may be forced to revise this policy.

The sign up form will only be open for Players until 23:59 on the 11th July. You can find the sign up form here:

The same form is used whether you want to sign up as a Player or as a member of Crew.

We encourage you to join the Character Creation Discord here:

This is not the Discord we will be using for the main game. This is where we will be hosting the Character Creation Session on July 12th, and it is also a place you can ask questions, both to GMs and others interested in joining the cartoon shenanigans of That’s All Folks! Joining this Discord is not mandatory, and joining does not mean you are obliged to attend the Character Creation Session.

Alternatively, you can email the GM team at

All Uptimes, the Character Creation and Debrief will take place over Discord in the That's All Folks! server at 19:00 (UK time).

Session Date
Ballot Opens 4th July 2024
Character Creation Session, Ballot Closes and Ballot Results 11th July 2024
Character Submission Due 12th July 2024
Episode 1 16th Jul 2024
Episode 2 30th Jul 2024
Episode 3 13th Aug 2024
Episode 4 27th Aug 2024
Episode 5 10th Sep 2024
Episode 6 24th Sep 2024
Episode 7 8th October 2024
The Reviews (Debrief) 17th October

Everyone, no matter how they would like to be involved, should first take a look at the Style and Tone page. After that it may be helpful to read:

  1. The setting is summarized in Cartoon Characters, The Show and The Island
  2. The CAT policy sets out what themes are appropriate to bring to the game

Then if you are interested in playing the game then we recommend you take a trip through the following pages:

  1. The Play This If page offers some suggestions of how to get involved in the parts of the game you most enjoy
  2. The mechanics of the game are explain in Character Creation and the Core Rules
  3. How to play the game can be found in Uptime and Sessions and Downtime

However, if you are only interested in crewing then all you need to know about is:

  1. Crewing, which covers the details of what being a member of crew entails
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